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Styling Sprays

Styling Sprays

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Design Spray

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A firm hold for volume. Ideal use on thin, fine and limp hair. Styles and volumizes with or without heat (it won't stick to hot styling tools). This touchable brushable spray is formulated with nutrient-rich Vitamins and natural Conditioners to increase hair's volume, pliability and sheen. DESIGN SPRAY is quick drying. It won't buildup flake, or dry-out hair.

Firm Hold Hair Spray

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Strong Hold Quick Freeze Dry Spray. Packaged in a spray pump, this freeze-dry super-holding method was especially prepared for today's fast moving individual. Firm Hold Hair Spray may be used on wet or dry hair to preserve a finished look without flaking or feeling sticky. This formula has been enhanced with pure cosmetic grade organic compounds for a crystal clear sharp hold. Use on all types of hair all day. pH balanced.


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HOL-DIT EXTRA FIRM HOLD HAIRSPRAY Extra hold shaping and control mist in a versatile design tool that provides texture, natural shine and long lasting touchable support. It leaves hair looking natural while adding the strength and volume necessary to make any style last all day long.